We came up with the name of the company – ITINERO - by shortening the word "itinerary." This English word symbolizes well-coordinated travel logistics and the most captivating activities along the way. With us, you will always be in the right place at the right time and in the right season.

We are a team of professional travelers, guides, photographers and travel designers who focus on developing unconventional routes and creating action-packed sightseeing tours for groups and individuals.

The idea for our project was born on the top of the magnificent Licancabur volcano during a voyage to Bolivia. At a 5,920 meters altitude, the club founder Anna Gibiskys realized that the happiness of discovery was incomplete if it was not shared with a friend.

After that, the ITINERO club was launched. In 2012, we were a small group of travelers who wanted to explore remote corners of the planet in the company of similarly curious people. Today we have 225 members - and our family continues to grow.
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We develop itineraries of your dream and journeys that perfectly match you. You can order a tailor-made tour with a specific theme. In 2014 we created a honeymoon in South America. We also created a custom 35-day trip for a traveler with a tight budget, and he was able to visit the unique places.

We can get you to a luxury campsite in a hot air balloon; let you experience the Native American lifestyle at their mountain house's kitchens, or take you to a romantic dinner next to giraffes in Africa. What do you dream about? We will turn all your ideas and desires into life by crafting custom trips.


We offer active vacations in small groups of six to twelve people. All group itineraries are packed with experiences and tours. We discover a country dawn-to-dark to decipher it in 10-14 days. We dive deeper than the touristy surface as we truly seek to learn each country's local culture and essence. Our experienced guides are always there for you!


Expanding tourism horizons

We know all the countries in our "travel calendar" very well, which gives us the opportunity to create vivid travel projects. Our travels are full of thoughtful details and atypical places, and we zealously make sure that each itinerary has something that others don't. Our secret techniques and friendship with locals give us incredible opportunities for creativity!

Support the local community

We work only with local guides and contractors. Our partners are small and reliable companies with impeccable reputations, not giant and unstable tour operators. By creating author trips, we help local people earn money, not companies that make the country poorer.

Giving the unique experience

Do you have a visit to the desert in mind? Then it will be an exciting buggy ride! Want to explore the aquatic world? Let's have an unforgettable snorkeling trip with mantas in Hawaii. We arrange the possibilities and we don't set limits, we don't skimp on the experience.

Care about the environment

No harm to the state of the planet is part of our mission. We respect nature, care for animals, don't hunt them, and don't support any kind of consumerism.
We develop the designer routes, accompany you on adventures, climb mountain peaks, cross valleys and deserts with you, take care of logistics and at the same time take pictures with professional photo equipment along the way.

Anna Gibiskys

Founder of ITINERO Travel, travel photographer for National Geographic
Anna is our visionary leader and an expert in North and South America and Southeast Asia with eight years of experience leading tour groups. Anna speaks three languages fluently, teaches the basics of travel photography, leads photo and jeep tours, and presents as a public speaker at tourism and photography festivals. She has visited 45 countries (many of them seven or ten times), climbed five volcanoes up to 6,000 meters high and did two solo expeditions to the lesser-known Andes parts.

Anna creates elaborated and unique VIP travel projects in no time when it is necessary to meet unconventional requests of travelers and manages family journeys.
Anna Yarkova

ITINERO Marketing Expert

Anna designs well-thought-out activity-rich travel projects for you. She negotiates with local guides and offers a balance between being one-on-one with nature and immersion in the culture and history of the country during the travels. She hand-picks air tickets, hotels and transfers to get the most comfortable combinations.

She spends her weekends in the woods, fields, or caves, on mountain ski traces or cliffs. She has tried all extreme travel activities firsthand. In the mountains, she feels at home whether she goes on foot, by bicycle, on skis, by kayak, or on ropes. She is a guru of unforgettable adventures!
Julia Piankova
Team lead, traveler, English teacher, divemaster
Julia is an expert on the United States and South America. She will take you to the non-tourist places to talk to the locals, learn about their everyday life and get to know the countries' hidden treasures. She will happily support your ideas, climb a mountain or go scuba diving with you. She will show you the best sightseeing places not only during the daylight, but she will also wake you up to explore the nightlife wonders of different cultures.

Julia has visited 38 countries, and she went on a solo journey across 14 countries in 400 days. She speaks Russian, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Julia will take good care of you during your trip.
Victoria Gribashova
Team lead, professional traveler
Our travel expert Victoria has visited more than 60 countries on six continents. She has organized road trips in the continental United States, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Bali and led group tours to Formula 1 Grand Prix in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. She knows everything about Australia, its endemic nature, friendly people and the best cities to live in; the United States travel-friendly roads and infrastructure, national parks and fabulous Hawaii; France and the city of love, Paris, delicious cheese and the beautiful language; Peru, Fiji, Argentina, South Africa, Zambia, Vanuatu, and many other countries.

Victoria loves to talk with the local people, from whom she learns much more than from the guidebooks!

Natalia Taranenko
Team lead, Spanish teacher
Exploring different parts of South America, Natalia decided it was a must-see for other people. There is no shortage of discoveries in the endless expanses of deserts, the azure of long beaches and the deep jungle. Getting up at 4 am to catch the sunrise at the geysers or walking the dunes in the desert sun to see the Moon Valley from a bird's-eye view - isn't that the best adventure and a way to absorb the mesmerizing beauty of nature?

Being fluent in several languages, Victoria always feels at home in any country. She will tell you many mind-blowing stories that people around the world, from Bolivian tribe members to Brazilian police officers, shared with her. She enjoys a friendly team and a joyful openness to adventures.
Roman Murashev
Guide, professional traveler
Our expert Roman has visited more than 35 countries. In 2013 he went on a solo trip to Australia through Mongolia, China, Nepal, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He enjoys outdoor activities and is always ready for rafting, geocaching, mountain hiking, horseback riding, road trips, and skydiving.

Roman is a member of a geographical society, an emergency help course graduate, a yacht skipper and an excellent driver even in the most extreme road conditions. You will feel confident going on the most challenging expeditions with Roman.
Artem Zhovtobryukh
Team lead, traveler, entrepreneur
А Artem swam across the Bosporus from Asia to Europe twice with just his two hands and two feet :) He has been to 32 countries and has constantly been leading groups on different routes for four years. Traveling has been an integral part of who he is for his whole life.

Over the past five years he has been a photographer, cameraman, and video producer. He spent a year as a cofounder and author of the best quest room in Moscow. He lived in Hong Kong and China for three years. For Artem travelling is not just another business project, but a lifestyle and an opportunity to share experiences with other people and encourage them for a positive breakthrough in their lives. After all, every meeting on the road teaches you something new, and there is an incredible exchange of knowledge between travelers.
William Philip Niña
Expedition driver and car mechanic
We have been working with William for nine years, and he is involved in every trip through the high-altitude plateau of the Altiplano. He takes on the role of a vehicle mechanic and diplomat, negotiates with local farms to drive through their lands, and arranges the highest possible level of comfort in the harsh climate of the high mountain deserts.

William has been driving off-road jeeps through the Altiplano for 15 years, and he climbed 6,000-feet mountains so many times that he stopped counting. He's a fun-loving, easy-going man bursting with ideas. He genuinely loves his country and cares about the regional environment.

Anna and William have worked together on publications in National Geographic and Discovery.

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